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I am an American actor, occasional carpenter, and dog-petting enthusiast currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I received my MFA in Acting Classical and Contemporary Text from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and my BA in Theatre and English from Union University.

Over the course of my career I have also worked as a carpenter, a museum exhibit fabricator, a prop designer, a videographer, and a lawn-waterer, among other things. And while I enjoyed some of these positions, none have given me the fulfilment I have found onstage.

I have performed on stages in several countries and have utilized a host of rehearsal methodologies from metrically-focused text analysis to musically-inspired physical devising. I am passionate about projects which challenge simple ethical judgements and highlight the moral gray areas in which all of us live our lives.

When not rehearsing, I can usually be found sitting in a corner with a cup of tea, a book of poetry, and a dog (if available).

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